One Million Businesswomen of the Global South On-Line (OMBOL)

Within the framework of SS-GATE, ICCIA is promoting UNOSSC sponsored One Million Businesswomen of the Global South On-Line (OMBOL) in OIC Member Countries thereby involving, and benefitting, women-led businesses in the partnership process.

ICCIA is focusing more on encouraging women led-enterprises and other enterprises mainly SMEs to join this important network, so as to benefit from this hub of 57 OIC Countries. The OMBOL website serves as a platform to publicize the SS-GATE system and its services. This gives visibility to projects sourced and listed by businesswomen to find partners or financing.

The OMBOL provides business opportunities to the SMEs and women-led enterprises, in order to get benefit of interacting online with the entrepreneurs from OIC and other Countries.  This will give a better outreach and also provide an opportunity to market their products and services as well as to create linkages & to build business relations with other businesswomen.

The OMBOL platform has enabled the Businesswomen of OIC Countries to network among themselves and learn best practices and exchange know-how and experiences. In addition, there is also the need to empower the women, so as to facilitate their role in scaling up the economies. ICCIA will explore a mechanism for promoting partnership among Women-led Enterprises through utilization of OMBOL network. The project will be very beneficial for the women-led enterprises, women organizations working for the economic and social empowerment of the women as well as the institutions working towards women empowerment.