OIC & Its Institutions

General Secretariat of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC): 

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations, with the membership of 57 states, covering four continents. The OIC is the collective voice of the Muslim world to ensure and safeguard their interest on economic socio and political areas. The OIC has Institutions, which implement its programmes. Its Headquarters is in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

P.O.Box 178,  Jeddah 21411, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: + 966 12 65 15 222 Fax: + 966 12 651 22 88

Email: bo.cabinet@oic-oci.org; Website: http://www.oic-oci.org




Statistical, Economic, Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC)
The principal objective of the Centre is to support the process of socio-economic co-operation and development among the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) by undertaking activities in the areas of statistics, research, training and technical co-operation 


Kudüs Cad. No:9, Diplomatik Site06450 ORAN-Ankara, Turkey

Tel: (90-312) 468 61 72

Fax: (90-312) 467 34 58 / 468 57 26

Email: oicankara@sesric.org

Website: http://www.sesrtcic.org



Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)
To act as a focal point and meeting place for scholars, researchers, artists, institutions, organisations, and other parties within and outside the Member States which deal with studies and research on various aspects of Islamic civilization. 


P.O. Box: 24, Besiktas, Istanbul, TurkeyTel: (90 212) 259 17 42

Fax: (90 212) 258 43 65

Email: ircica@ircica.org , ircica@superonline.com

Website: http://www.ircica.org




  1. Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
The main objective of the University is to help generally in human resources development in the Member States of the OIC in the fields of engineering, technology, technical and vocational education.


G.P.O. BOX NO.  3003 Ramna, P.O. K.B.  Bazar JoydevpurDist.  Gazipur – 1704, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh

Tel:  (8802) 9291250, 9291252 Fax:  (8802) 9291260

Email: vc@iut-dhaka.edu

Website: www.iutoic-dhaka.edu



  1. Islamic Centre for the Development of Trade (ICDT)
The objective of the ICDT is to promote trade exchange among the OIC Member States by organizing trade fairs and specialized exhibitions and other trade activities to contribute to the promotion of the Member States products.


TOUR DES HABOUS, Avenue des F.A.R., B.P.  13545,Casablanca 20000, 11eme Etage

Kingdom of Morocco

Tel:  (+212 22) 31 49 74, 31 00 33

Fax:  (+212 22) 31 01 10

Email:  icdt@icdt-oic.org

Website: www.icdt-oic.org



  1. International Islamic Fiqh Academy
To achieve the theoretical and practical unity of the Islamic Ummah by striving to have Man conform his conduct to the principles of the Islamic Sharia at the individual, social as well as international levels and to strengthen the link of the Muslim community with the Islamic faith. 


P. O. Box 13917, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Telephone:  +9662- 6671664/6672288 Fax:  +9662- 6670873

Website: www.fiqhacademy.org




  1. Islamic Solidarity Fund (ISF) and its WAQF
The objective is to take all possible steps to raise the intellectual and moral levels of the Muslims in the world and to provide required material relief in case of emergencies such as natural catastrophes and man-made disasters, that may befall the Islamic States as well as to grant assistance to Muslim minorities and communities so as to improve their religious, social and cultural standards. P.O.Box 1997 Jeddah 21441Tel: +966 2 698-1296 / +966 2 698-1291

Fax: +966 2 256-8185

Email oic_isf@hotmail.com /


Website: www.isf-fsi.org  /


Facebook:  facebook.com/oic.isf

Twitter :@ISLAMICIsf


The Real Estate Union in Islamic States (REUOS)
A knowledge and investment house that clusters and serves the private sector pioneers and launches qualitative initiatives that support local and joint economy of Governments; it contributes in strengthening relations, exchanging experiences, establishing partnerships; also contributes in launching of infrastructure, reconstruction, housing projects, real estate investments for its members in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation States. Lot no. 111, La Siesta road

P.O.Box 4356 Djibouti city,

Republic of Djibouti

Email: info@reuos.org

Website: http://www.reuos.org





  1. Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
The purpose of the Bank is to foster the economic development and social progress of Member States and Muslim Communities individually as well as collectively in accordance with the principles of the Shariah.  The functions of the Bank are to provide equity participation and grant loans for productive projects and enterprises. It also gives financial assistance to member states in other forms for their economic and social development and to foster foreign trade among member countries. P.O. Box 5925 Jeddah

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: (+966 2) 636 1400 Fax: (+966 2) 636 6871, 637 1334, 637 9080

Email: archives@isdb.org  Website: www.isdb.org


Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)
ISESCO is operating in the fields of Education, Science, Culture and Communication. Its objective is to strengthen, promote and consolidate cooperation among the Member States and consolidate it in the fields of education, science, culture and communication, as well as to develop and upgrade these fields, within the framework of the civilizational reference of the Islamic world and in the light of the human Islamic values and ideals. Avenue des F.A.R , Hay Ryad, PO Box: 2275, PC Code 10104

P.O.Box : 2275   10104

Tel: + 212 (0) 37 56 60 52 / 53 Fax: + 212 (0) 37 56 60 12 / 13

Email: isesco@isesco.org.ma; Website: www.isesco.org.ma


  1. Islamic Broadcasting Union (IBU)
The main objectives of the IBU are to propagate the principles of the Islamic Da’wa, & teach the Arabic language and to get Muslim peoples to know one another as well as to explain and fight for Islamic causes. P.O. Box 6351 Jeddah 21422Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel:  (+966 2) 672 1121 / 672 2269

Fax: (+966 2) 672 2600

Website: www.isboo.org


  1. International Islamic News Agency (IINA)
The objective of the IINA to develop close and better relations between member states in the Information field and to promote contacts and technical cooperation between the news agencies of member states as well as to work for better understanding of Islamic peoples and their political, economic and social problems. P.O.Box 5054, Jeddah 21422Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel:  (+966 2) 665 8561 / 665 2056, Fax: (+966 2) 665 9358

Email:  iina@islamicnews.org.sa; Website: www.islamicnews.org.sa


Islamic Committee of the International Crescent (ICIC)
The ICIC helps to alleviate the sufferings caused by natural disaster and war. This organ is designed to provide medical assistance and to alleviate the sufferings caused by natural catastrophes and man-made disasters and to offer all necessary assistance within its possibilities, to international and local organizations, serving humanity.  P.O. Box 17434, BenghaziState of Libya

Tel : +218 61 909 5824 Fax: +218 61 909 5823

Email: info@icic-oic.org Website: www.icic-oic.org



  1. The Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO)
The objectives of the STIO is to promote cooperation, coordination and encourage activities in the fields of STI between Member States with the view to elevate the level of STI and human capital in the OIC and to encourage Member States to incorporate science, technology and innovation in the formulation and implementation of their development strategy. COMSTECH Secretariat, 33-Constitution Avenue, G-5/2,Islamabad – Pakistan

Tel: +92 51 9220681-3 / Fax: +92 51 9211115, 9220265, 9205264

Email: comstech@comstech.org; www.stio.comstech.org






  1. Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ICCIA)
The ICCIA represents the Private Sector of 57 Member Countries. It aims at strengthening closer collaboration in the fields of trade, commerce, information technology, insurance/reinsurance, shipping, banking, promotion of investment opportunities and joint ventures in the member countries. Its membership is comprised of the National Chambers/Unions/Federations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the 57 Member Countries.  St.2/A, Block 9, Clifton,P.O.Box:3831

Karachi-75600, Pakistan

Tel:  (9221) 35874756, 35830646

Fax:  (9221) 35874212, 35870765

Email:   icci@icci-oic.org; icciaoic@gmail.com;

Website: http://icciaonline.com


Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities (OICC)
The objectives of the OICC is to preserve the identity and heritage of Islamic capitals and cities and to achieve and enhance sustainable development in member capitals and cities and establish and develop comprehensive urban norms, systems and plans that would serve the growth and prosperity of Islamic capitals and cities for the promotion of their cultural, environmental, urban, economic and social conditions.  P.O. Box 13621, Jeddah 21414Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 2 6981953 /

Fax: +966 2 6981053

Email: webmaster@oicc.org

Website: www.oicc.org



Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF)
The objective of the ISSF is to strengthen Islamic solidarity among youth in Member States and promote Islamic identity in the fields of sports and to inculcate the principles of non-discrimination as to religion, race or color, in conformity with the precepts of Islam. P.O. Box 330999, Riyadh 11373Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel : (+966 1) 480 9253 / 480 8986

Fax : (+966 1) 482 2145

Email: issf@awalnet.net.sa




Organization of the Islamic Shipowners Association (OISA)
The objectives of the OISA is to coordinate and unify the efforts of the members in realizing cooperation among the maritime companies, in Member States, to maximize profit and to encourage members to set up joint maritime companies and shipping lines between Member States. P.O. Box 14900 Jeddah 21434, KSA.Tel: (+966-2) 663 7882 – 665 3379

Fax :  (+966-2) 660 4920

Email: oisa@sbm.net.sa; ail@oisaonline.com

Website: www.oisaonline.com




World Federation of Arabo-Islamic International Schools (WFAIIS)
The Federation represents the Arab-Islamic Schools all over the world and seeks to support and assist them. The Federation also works for the dissemination of Islamic culture and the teaching of Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran, by extending support to the schools and cultural centers, and by training personnel and developing cooperation among the institutions endeavoring to spread Arabic language and Islamic culture all over the world as well as by creating sponsoring supervisory Arab-Islamic Schools. Head Office: Nasr City – tenth-dist.Block38-Area1-flat2

Cairo – Egypt

Telefax: (+20-2) 24728217

Mobile 0020107322696

Saudi Branch: P.O. Box 3787,

Madinah – Saudi Arabia

Fax: (+966-4) 848-0271  ,  8485542,

Email:   tshawi@hotmail.com

Website: www.wfais.org



Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC)
The ICYF-DC is aimed at coordination youth activities in the OIC countries. The Forum pursue its activities in five major fields: advocacy of youth interests, supporting sustainable development, promoting formal and non-formal education, strengthening moral values of young generation and engaging in the dialogue among cultures and civilizations.  Headquarters: Istanbul World Trade Center A3 Block, 7th Floor341149, Airport – Istanbul – Turkey

Tel: (+90 212) 465 39 39

Email: office@icyf.com; secretary_general@icyf.com;

Website: www.icyf.com


International Union of Muslim Scouts (IUMS)
The International Union of Muslim Scouts (IUMS) is an autonomous body having scouts bodies and associations representing Muslim Scouts all over the world.  The Objective is to develop an education curriculum that should contribute to structure and build the spiritual dimension in the personalities of Young Muslims and to motivate and promote Islamic scouting on global basis.  P.O. Box 9141 Jeddah 21413Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel: (+966-2) 667-8833

Fax: (+966-2) 667-3762

Email: iums92@yahoocom


  1. Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC)
The FCIC strives to be the premier platform for consultants and consulting firms from the Islamic countries to galvanize their efforts and channel their energies and creativity to help in the development of the Ummah. It aims to assist in the development of consultancy services in the Islamic Countries and to encourage the various disciplines in the profession to attain a high degree of proficiency and competence.  c/o Dr. Bulent Tarcan Sok. No: 10 K:4Fulya Mahallesi 34394 Gayrettepe, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel: (+90 216) 388 08 61

Fax: (+90 216) 388 08 61

Email: info@fcic-org.com

Website: www.fcic-org.com


Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS)
The IAS main objectives are to serve as a consultative organization of the Islamic Ummah in the field of science and technology (S&T); initiate science and technology programmes and formulate standards of scientific performance; promote research on major problems facing the Islamic countries, and to award prizes and honours for outstanding scientific achievements in science and technology.  P.O. Box 830036, Zahran,Amman-11183, Jordan

Tel: (+962 6) 552-2104; 552-3385,

Fax: (+962 6) 551-1803

Email: ias@go.com.jo;


Website: www.ias-worldwide.org


OIC Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT)
The OIC-CERT is aimed at enhancing and promoting cooperation between the similar teams established in the OIC Member States. The objectives are to strengthen relationships between Computer Emergency Response Teams in the Member States and to promote exchange of Information as well as to prevent or minimize electronic (Cyber) terrorism and computer crimes. CyberSecurity MalaysiaLevel 7, SAPURA@MINES

7, Jalan Tasik, The Mines Resort City

43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALYSIA

Website: www.oic-cert.org


  1. Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC)
SMIIC aimsat realizingharmonizedstandardsintheMemberStateswhilstdeveloping intra-OICtradeand aidingtotakefurtherpart ininternationaltrade.Itshallestablishcertificationandaccreditation schemesforthepurposeofexpeditingexchangeofmaterials,manufacturedgoodsandproducts amongMemberStates. Istanbul Dunya Ticaret Merkezi Al Blok No: 437-438K:14 Yesilkoy. Bakirkoy-Istanbul/TURKEY. 34149

Tel.: +90 212 4656507; +90 212 4656508

Fax: +90 212 4656509

E-mail: secretariat@smiic.org; info@smiic.org

Web: www.smiic.org


International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
The objective of the IIUM is to undertake the special and greatly needed task of reforming the contemporary Muslim mentality and integrating Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences in a positive manner as well as to produce better quality intellectuals, professionals and scholars by integrating the qualifies of faith (iman), knowledge (‘ilm), and good character (akhlaq) to serve as agents of comprehensive and balanced progress as well as sustainable development in Malaysia and in the Muslim world. P.O. Box 10, 50728 Kuala LumpurTel: (+603) 6196 4000

Fax: (+603) 6196 4053

Email: webmaster@iium.edu.my

Website: http://www.iium.edu.my



Association of Tax Authorities of Islamic Countries (ATAIC)
ATAIC aimed at facilitating the improvement of tax administration and promote Sharia Taxation with particular reference to Zakat within the Islamic Countries, in order to meet the challenges rapidly taking place in the world. It also provide a forum to discuss, deliberate, share experiences and facilitate the development and improvement of tax and/or zakat policies and administrations in all their aspects within Member Countries. Head office in Sudan


  1. Organization of Islamic Cooperation Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities Forum (IBRAF)
IBRAF is a Forum which endeavors to meet the need for increasing co-operation among Islamic Countries Broadcasting Regulatory Authorities against the backdrop of digitalization and convergence. Its objectives is to promote dialogue and cooperation between broadcasting regulatory authorities and to provide a forum for exchange of information, views and experiences about common topics of broadcasting. Bilkent Plaza, B-2 Blok, 06800 Bilkent,Ankara, TURKEY

Tel: +90.312.2662013

Fax: +90.312.2661964

Email: hamitersoy@rtuk.org.tr  Website: www.rtuk.org.tr





Alquds Committee
The objective of the Alquds Committee is to follow-up the implementation of resolutions adopted by the Organization and by other international organizations that support or are in line with the OIC position; to liaise with other bodies, and to offer to Member States proposals it deems appropriate on implementation of resolutions, achieving their objectives, and on taking steps on developments that may arise within these terms of reference. To implement all the resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict in view of the fundamental connection between the Al-Quds question and the conflict. General Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic CooperationP.O. Box 178, Jeddah 21411, Saudi Arabia



Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency
Bayt Mal al-Quds agency has been created as an affiliate of the Al-Quds Committee. The objective is to salvage the city of Al Quds Al Sharif (Jerusalem) and to extend assistance to the Palestinian population and Palestinian institutions in the holy capital as well as to safeguard and restore the Al Aqsa Mosque and other holy sites in the city as well the city’s cultural, religious, cultural and architectural heritage.  63, Av. Moulay YoussefImmeubel ADRIANA, 8em etage

20000-Casablanca, P.O.B: 16014.

Morocco. Fax: (212 2) 49.05.16

Tel: (212 2) 49.04.06 / 82

Email:  alqods@onpt.net.ma;

Web: http://www.bma-alqods.org


Standing Committee for Information and Cultural Affairs (COMIAC)
This Committee followed the desire of the Organization to give information and culture in the Islamic Ummah a fresh beginning so as to acquaint international public opinion with the noble causes of the Islamic Ummah, in particular with the question of Palestine and Al Quds Al Sharif. It is also intended to confront unfair campaigns against Islam and Muslims. Headquarters:Dakar, Republic of Senegal


Address: General Secretariat Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

P.O. Box 178 , Jeddah 21411,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC)
The Committee follows up the implementation of resolutions in the economic and trade fields, explores possible means of strengthening cooperation among the Member States, and prepares programmes and proposals capable of improving capacities in these areas. The Committee is chaired by H.E. the president of the Republic of Turkey.  COMCEC Coordination office,Necatibey Cad. 108, Ankara, Turkey

Tel: 90-312-294 55 10

Fax:     90-312-294 55 77

Website: www.comcec.org


Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH)
The Committee follows up the resolutions in the fields of science and technology. It also studies possible means of strengthening cooperation among the OIC Member States, as well as prepares programmes and proposals capable of improving Member States’ capacities in these areas. This Committee is chaired by H.E. the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. COMSTECH SECRETARIAT, 3Constitution Avenue, Sector G-5/2

Islamabad 44000, Pakistan

Tel: +9251-220681-3

Fax: +9251-220265

Email: comstech@comstech.org; www.stio.comstech.org





Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)
The IUIU aspires to function as a highly academic and cultural institution based on Islam and love of the country. It aims at promoting and enhancing the civilization and scientific influence of Islam and physical world to produce well-cultured, morally-upright graduates of sound character, equipped with useful skills and knowledge, to enable them participate positively in the development process of their countries. The University aims at achieving these goals through the pursuit of teaching, learning, research, scholarship, good governance and service to humanity. P.O Box 2555, Mbale, UgandaTel: +256 352 512 100 Fax: +256 352 280 525

Email: info@iuiu.ac.ug



Website: http://www.iuiu.ac.ug/



Islamic University of Niger (IUN)
The Islamic University of Niger (officially the Oum Al-Qura University of Niger) is an Islamic university based in Say, Niger.





Niamey, N27Niger

Tel: +227 21 76 73 67